Living in the surroundings of Tarragona means that you will have a lot of probabilities to work directly or indirectly in either the tourism industry... or the petrochemical one... I belong to the second group.

During my second year of IT formation, in 1998, I was offered to join a training program of a locally established chemical company, german BASF, that looked to train new chemical plant field technicians, in a time where there were still no official vocational training/associate degree in that professional Field.
I got nothing to loose, so I accepted... and that was going to change my life!!!
Training was intense, I liked it, and ended up in the BASF mock training plants in Ludwigshaffen, Germany... Soon, after completing my military service, I could afford choosing to work on several chemical companies.

So, in 2001, I joined Bayer. After my recruitment, HR staff analyzed my profile, and took a key decision in my life: Instead of joining my mates in the plant, I had to be trained as quality assurance technical laboratory analyst.
Training was very very specific, and I was trained in laboratory procedures of color metrics, and ABS resine mechanical analysis, and production recipe adjustment.

That way, I worked in Bayer, and after the company separated its plastic business, I worked in successive companies, while on the same plant... Lanxess, Lustran Polymers and finally INEOS.
As the economic crisis exploded, less and less production was needed, and after two years of trouble, in 2009, the plant had to be partially dismantled and a personnel reduction ensued.
So, after refusing to be transfered to Germany, I was fired up, among most of my mates, the youngest ones, the cheapiest ones... hard times came to lot of people in Spain...

Due to the very specific duty I did at the lab during the last 9 years, and the number of young and still experienced field technicians available, it was impossible to me to find a new job in the industry.
Lot of good things of my life are today possible thanks to those 9 years... So, I decided that there were no time to loose blaming on destiny... it was time to convert problems into opportunities!!!! IT was, as it is today, my passion. I had kept my knowledge always updated. A new way appeared clear to me: it was time to make old dreams true switching to IT industry!


Living in Tarragona, south of Barcelona in Spain.

Email me on: alex@alexolivan.com