I was born in Tarragona, a coastal town 90km south of Barcelona, Spain, on August, 03, 1977.
Although I like stability and tranquility, my life and my career has been anything but quiet!.

I started working early at 16 in my parent's Bar, now, being 39, looking backwards in time I realize that I could create one of the most bizarre occupations lists ever for an IT specialist:
Barman, technical drawing teacher, gardener, IT field technician, Soldier, Tech Lab Analyst, Sound Technician, DJ, Refrigeration Field Technician, Network designer and technician, and currently!

I keep myself always learning, my brain needs always more and more feed, and this makes me being always involved in several projects and careers.
I currently have finished 3 spanish CFGS (US Associate's degree / UK's HNC / DE's Berufsausbildung höheren Grades): first was "IT systems and telecoms", second one "multi-platform apps development", and the third one being "network IT systems administration". A fourth one, "web apps development", is approximately 70% completed, and my plan is having it completed after (hopefully) passing exams of June 2018.
Long therm plans, beyond my fourth CFGS, necessarily pass on resuming (and ending) my University degree... A long way project, that started as far as 2004, and that I'm confident to be able to complete someday!!!.

On my way, I have been gaining experience and certification in skills such as CISCO networking at the CISCO Networking Academy (SMB-AM, SMBE, CCNAv5) , Mikrotik and pfSense Routers, Mikrotik based Lobometrics Wireless Hardware, Wireless networking, and a plethora of IT technologies ranging from basic Active directory, to Linux Administration, monitoring systems, streaming systems, sound systems, just to mention some of the IT related!!!


Living in Tarragona, south of Barcelona in Spain.

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